Anti-Bribery Certification

ISO 37001 was issued by the International Organization for Standardization as an international standard to promote anti-bribery and anti-corruption control practices. The aim of the standard requirements was to ensure anti-bribery compliance by the implementation of adequate programs.

The facts:

  • Bribery is a global concern, both in the public sector and private initiatives;
  • Trillion of USD are paid in bribes annually;
  • A loss of 5% of the global GDP each year due to corruption;
  • It represents ethical wrongdoing;
  • Is harming companies and society.

Compliance with ISO 37001 is important for the reputation of an organization by indicating that best efforts have been taken to detect, address and minimize bribery. As a consequence, interested parties, i.e. clients, suppliers, personnel, authorities etc., will consider partnering with trustworthy entities in their projects in order to sustain the integrity of their business. Financial loss prevention is achieved by identifying and addressing non-ethical conduct which may cause potential legal charges, of civil or criminal nature, or considerable financial penalties.

Anti-Bribery Synergy has been developed as an independent accredited service of InterConformity GmbH in order to address the assessment, audit and certification of ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems.

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