INTERCONFORMITY Assessment and Certification Company will endeavor to action any complaint that is brought to its attention by any interested party. The submission of a complaint must include sufficient objective evidence to substantiate the claims of dissatisfaction and allow for the Complaint Responsible to make decision on the appropriate action to take.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the Managing Director initially reviews it and validates whether the complaint relates to activities that is responsible for and determines the timeframe and steps necessary to deal with it.

The complainant is informed about the outcome of the initial review in maximum 7 days from receival of the complaint.

Any complaint about a certified client will be referred by the Managing Director  to the certified client in question in maximum 2 days from the initial review.

An investigation related to a certified client involves examination of documents or other objective evidence or performing a special audit.

The MD may decide to investigate the complaint during the next audit and passes the issue to the audit team with the request that the complaint to be evaluated.

In case that an investigation lasts more than 30 days, periodic progress reports are submitted by the Complaint Responsible to the complainant and the Managing Director.

When the investigation of the complaint is finished and sufficient information have been collected, the Complaint Responsible decides what actions are to be taken in response to it.

The complainant and the complainee are acknowledged by the Managing Director by written notice about the outcome of the investigation, the judgment and decisions of the Complaint Responsible.

The Managing Director, together with all involved parties, determine by consensus if and to what extent the subject of the complaint and its resolution shall be made public.