An appeal shall be lodged not later than 1 month after notification of the decision to the certified or applicant client by sending a written notice by email, fax or mail. The appellant has the right to formally represent their case.

After receival of an appeal, the Managing Director informs the client about the appointed Appeal Responsible in maximum 7 days from the appeal submission and seeks their confirmation that there is no conflict of interest with the selected Appeal Responsible.

The appeal review will be held within 20 working days after receipt of the appeal. The Appeal Responsible informs the appellant about the outcome of this review, validates the appeal and determines the timeframe and further steps that are necessary to investigate all the necessary aspects of the appeal and all the information needed to substantiate a decision.

During the review, the Appeal Responsible takes into account the results of previous similar appeals.

When the investigation of an appeal is finished and sufficient information have been collected, the Appeal Responsible decides what actions are to be taken in response to it.

The Managing Director and the appellant are informed by written notice about the outcome of the investigation, the judgment and decisions of the Appeal Responsible.